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FAU Catalog – Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

How much will I need to save for retirement? This interdisciplinary program, provided in conjunction with the College of Business, includes traditional classroom courses in both business and science, culminating in two internship experiences.

Biochemistry 2 or Biochemistry Lab. When this course is completed, it may be used toward fulfillment of the 9-credit Integrative Biology elective requirement. Concentration-specific requirements are described below.

Students then complete 6 credits from rollofer of the three areas of study within geography environmental systems, 303 systems and GIScience for another 18 credits. Credits in the major field as designated for each student by the major department. Students also perform Independent study graduate research under the supervision of a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty member, typically with a chemical education theme, and culminating in the presentation of a graduate seminar.


Schmidt College of Science, as well as departments in participating colleges.

Helpful Calculators

In order to graduate, a student must maintain a “C” average in departmental major courses unless otherwise specified by the department. The student must form a supervisory committee of at least four members including the research advisor and at least two other members of the graduate faculty of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. What may my Rollovsr be worth?

Descriptions and requirements for all these programs follow. How much do I need for emergencies? Many students will likely finish with more credits.

What is the impact of early withdrawal from my k? A GPA of at least a 3.

Submit certificationn solution to a mathematics problem posed in a student journal. A grade of “C-” or better must be attained in each course in biology, chemistry and biotechnology, and an overall and upper-division GPA of at least 2.

Thesis students are required to form a committee advisor and two additional committee members during the second semester of study.

However, students must maintain a “C” average in departmental major courses. Complete details about this combined program appear in the Biological Sciences Department section. Degree Requirements All candidates for a baccalaureate degree from the Charles E.


Powered by Insurance Website Builder. Students usually begin the program in their junior year and conduct independent, supervised research during their junior and senior years.

An additional seven courses 21 credits are required. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree biological science or a related field. Psychology in the Charles E. Students should consult their departmental advisor or another faculty member about registration for this program.

This requirement ensures that the student gains an interdisciplinary exposure to the neurosciences. No more than 3 credits in DIS may be counted toward this degree. This program will also provide excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degree studies.

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Non-Thesis Option A student curriculum consists of a minimum of 37 credits taken in the following three categories:. At the end of the term in which the student registers for the internship, the FAU Education Department will contact the Biology Department to verify the student has completed the internship successfully so that a satisfactory grade can be applied. There are two paths to attaining Honors in the Major.