View and Download Panasonic AJ-HPM brochure & specs online. Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player. AJ-HPM Recording Equipment pdf manual. Panasonic AJ-HPM • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Aj-hpm • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual.

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Insert A P2 Card mznual With the editing panel closed, the AJ-HPM is the size of a large briefcase and comes equipped with a metal handle for easy carrying.

From the video track and four channels audio track, a desired track can be selected and edited independently. Displaying Voice-over Events When used with cameras for time-sensitive information gathering like weather news reporting, the loop rec function holds the latest video data for a predetermined time period. The bookmark memory is reset when the power is turned off. Or, you can mount five P2 cards, and output mamual playlist editing result to a sixth P2 card.

Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual – Page 1 of 10 |

This enables high-speed backup copying and data restoration at up to about 4x normal speed using an eSATA hard-disk drive. P2 records a scene as a clip file. Audio And Video Controller Playing Back Single Clips Voiceovers for inserting a narration using a microphone is also possible.


This allows it to handle a variety of operations, such as line recordings, studio production and on-air broadcasting.


This process is conducted within the frame, so prediction accuracy remains high even with fast-motion images. Plug it in and you have an outstanding desktop recorder, or take the AJ-HPM outside and mount it in an OB van or carry it right into the field.

The multiple card slots let you copy clips from one P2 card to another. It avoids rendering edit copy and allows a quick correction.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 User Manual

It is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, dust, impact and vibration, and is free of the problems that are common in tapes, such as condensation, head clogging and dropouts. V fade between events can be set only for audio.

The editcopy function can also write out the result of playlistas a separate clip. At a desired location within a clip, you can change the thumbnail to a different image.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Manuals

MPEG-2 uses a fixed table when performing the VLC coding, with the result that compression efficiency is low with some types of images. Indicating Event Property This lets you transfer files to the server of a broadcasting station.

Voice-over From Still Image Status For presentations and demonstrations, use the AJ-HPM for repeated playback of a selected clip or multiple but same format clips. Trimming The Audio Split Point The P2 cards can be replaced while recording. Attaching Metadata To Clips Intra-frame predictive image Right: Playing Back Play Lists Endless mqnual can be achieved if changing the occupied card to the blank card continuously. Stop Mode Setup An-hpm110 the most suitable predictive mode from among nine luminance signal modes see illustration and four color signal modes, it generates accurate predictive images.


You can assign frequently used menu items to the four PF keys, then select them instantly with the touch of a finger. Clip Copying and Editing P2 records a scene as a clip file.

It uses an intra-frame compression system to bring important advantages to professional editing. You can view thumbnails and metadata from a PC.

The closed caption signal is not output on SDI during up-conversion, down-conversion mqnual cross-conversion playback. Panasonic does not guarantee smooth playback without frame drops. Video clips on web pages or linked video files cannot be played.

Using The On-screen Keyboard