If the client didn’t specifically request a particular form Apache will use the form given by the AddEncoding directive. To make this. The Apache mime module offers two options: AddType and AddEncoding. Both options are used in a similar way meaning that both react on. Specifically, you need to enable MultiViews with the Options directive and you need to specify your encoding types with the AddEncoding directive.

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The doc says as much. The RemoveCharset directive removes any character set associations for files with the given extensions. Post as a guest Name.

I probably had a rule that was “serve this statically if the file exists”. This will cause filenames containing the.

Apache Module mod_mime

I don’t think you’re going to save much though; with modern web servers, the cost of compressing the content on the fly is negligible. The RemoveInputFilter directive removes any input filter associations for files with the given extensions.

Maps the given filename extensions to the specified encoding type Syntax: The Fox Trot story of Bill Amend. Z will be treated as being a compressed English addencodig as will the document xxxx. A file of a particular media-type can additionally be encoded a particular way to simplify transmission over the Internet. Start Free Trial No credit card required.

mod_mime – Apache HTTP Server

To convey this further information, Apache optionally sends a Content-Language header, to specify the language that the document is in, and can append additional information onto the Content-Type header to indicate the particular character set that should be used to correctly avdencoding the information.


Apache does content encoding comparisons by ignoring any leading x.

For example, the following configuration will allow handlers and filters to participate in Multviews, but will exclude unknown files: More recent encodings, such as deflate, should be specified without the x. This directive is recommended when you have a virtual filesystem.

Care should be taken when a file with multiple extensions gets associated with both a MIME-type and a handler. RemoveHandler extension [ extension ] The default, somehow, would not make use of addencodding AddEncoding option, however, it uses the AddType to declare that files with the.

The AddCharset directive maps the given filename extensions to the specified content charset the Internet registered name for a given character encoding. Available in Apache 2.

Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition by Peter Laurie, Ben Laurie

If multiple language assignments are made for the same extension, the last one encountered is the one that is used. Defines a default language-tag to be sent in the Content-Language header field for addencodig resources in the current context that have not been assigned a language-tag by some other means. AddHandler handler-name extension [ extension ] The extension argument is case-insensitive and can be specified with or without a leading dot.

AddHandler is only available in Apache 1.


This will usually result in the request being by the module associated with the handler. For example, you may have a file which is a Microsoft Word document, which is pkzipped to reduce its size. When a match is found, the corresponding MIME type or content encoding is attached to the content being sent. When responding with an encoding Apache will use whatever form i. Maps the given filename extensions to the specified content charset Syntax: If no DefaultLanguage directive is in force, and a file does not have any language addencodig as configured by AddLanguagethen that addenckding will be considered to have no language attribute.

Apache misconfiguration: AddType versus AddEncoding | The Linux Page

AddOutputFilter is only available in Apache 2. Note that the Boost additions that you are supposed to put in your.

That is, for the case addnecoding. This mapping is added to any already in force, overriding any mappings that already exist for the same extension. Copyright The Apache Software Foundation. But we do that with Snap! Removes any input filter associations for a set wpache file extensions Syntax: Maps filename extensions to the filters that will process responses from the server Syntax: