Algunos niños continúan creciendo bien o experimentancrecimiento excesivo tras la extirpación de un craneo-faringioma, a pesar de tener deficiencias de. PDF | On Aug 1, , OSCAR CORREA BORQUEZ and others published Sindrome de Froehlich: Craneofaringioma. El objetivo de este artículo es presentar una revisión de la literatura a . odontoma, craneofaringioma, meloblastoma and carcinoma(1,8).

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Endocr Pathol, 19pp.

The mechanisms involved in tumor genesis and progression are not yet well known. Endocrinol Pathol, 12pp. This review will focus on the histological diagnosis of the most common and relevant pituitary conditions.

Articu,o,pp. New diagnostic strategy for atypical pituitary adenomas: Pediatr Neursurg, 26pp.

Odontogenic calcificant cystic tumor: A report of two clinical cases

J Clin Craneofarihgioma ; Pituitary adenomas with invasion of the cavernous sinus space: Introduction In agreement to the new classification of the World Health Organization WHOthe Odontogenic Calcificant Cystic Tumor constitutes a benign cystic neoplasia that presents an epithelium similar to an Ameloblastoma, with ghosts cells craenofaringioma may display calcifications in it 1.


Incisional biopsy was made under general anaesthesia. Am J Surg Pathol, 37pp. Clin Endocrinol Oxf56pp.

Some children grow normally or excessively after extirpation of a craniopharyngioma, despite growth hormone deficiency. Central calcifying odontogenic cyst.

Astrocitoma pilocítico

The intraoral examination presented an increase in volume, hard at palpation that occupied the buccal aspect in relation to the left superior temporal canine and that includes from the left zygomatic alveolar crest up to 1 cm. Documentos de los Grupos de Trabajo.

Clinically silent corticotroph tumors of the pituitary gland. Report of three cases. Tortosa F, Webb SM.

Astrocitoma pilocítico – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Welch, J Shillito Jr, K. J Neurosurg, 52pp. Craniopharyngioma identification by CT and MR imaging at 1. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 84pp. Clinically, PAs are classified as functioning and non-functioning depending on whether or not there is a specific endocrine syndrome.

J Neurosurg, 97pp. Currently, a conservative approach combining less aggressive surgery with radiotherapy is preferred. The CT scan showed an osteolitic injury of cystic aspect, expansion of bony tables without infiltration of soft tissues Fig.


Acidophil stem cell adenoma of the human pituitary: Atlas of tumor pathology. Arch Pathol Lab Med,pp. Artigo anterior Artigo seguinte. As it is sometimes difficult to differentiate apoptotic nuclei from mitosis, the use of the phosphohistone H3 PHH3 antibody is also recommended; once histone H3 a protein in the nucleus of histone, the main protein constituent of chromatin is not phosphorylated during apoptosis, 20 it may serve to separate craneofaringiioma figures from apoptotic bodies and karyorrectic debris.

Surgical treatment of craniopharyngiomas: Tumor cells are immunoreactive for the epithelial membrane antigen, vimentin, bcl-2, S, and galectin-3; they do not usually express or only focally express glial fibrillary acidic protein.