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The backlights come on and the screen is white. Your board could have unique characteristics not shown in someone else’s photo like a charred resistor or suspicious looking transistor. I’m going to check it out and see if its tests good. There are other ways but this is maybe the best way for you. Page 3 of 4. Thank you every one for all the great knowledge on this thread and on this forum.

It may be covered by white glue. Replaced picofuse with litle wire. Any idea where else to look? Okay so I got the pictures. Bad caps are still plaguing things inI have the same Samsung b, same problem Thank you for all the Help catasheet Advance.

Got to repair a bf a few days ago. I did the whole power on and check with a flash light.

I will check again for the fuse, I tried to look in that area but could not see the code f, however that section had a lot of glue on it, so I’ll look closer. Any help would be appreciated and I will get some pictures of the boards. I didn’t check that they exactly matched the old ones. I had a similar problem with my Samsung B datashheet well. I see the image so datashert is working right.


Anyone have any ideas? Originally Posted by Logicsays Post I replaced the three bulged caps. I learn quickly but I was following this thread from the start and i replaced the caps. Has been working ever since. I replaced all caps and picofuse but datashwet no backlight. Ok thanks all for the feedback. You can see picture but still no backlight. I have a samsung b. Others mentioned the fuse being problematic so I was looking for it to test it.

Thanks again for the responses. Power light is on.

Badcaps Forums – Samsung b LCD cold start problem (inverter?)

I have done some testing and I am in a cross roads as to what I should do next. Maybe, but measure the resistance of the secondaries of both of the Inverter transformers, they should be very very similar measurements.

Can you read a number on the 16 pin back light controller? Here’s the BOM from mouser. Referencing other people’s pictures doesn’t help us diagnose YOUR problem. Can we get clear and focused picture of YOUR boards? Well, looks like Last Chance Saloon,before the Backlights become the Main suspects,so I would resolder the Inverter transformers,and all other joints between the secondary and the Lamp sockets,eg the small Blue Caps etc etc.


Here are pictures of my board. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. I think I found the fuse under a glob of rubber stuff. Problem is that backlights arent working at all.

Where else to look? With the advice of gdement I replaced the bad caps of my Samsung b and it now works flawlessly!

Can we clear and focused picture of YOUR boards? However now the LCD works but the backlight still does not.

I get the rapid blinking power LED no button functions. If these are correct, trace the signals from the connector to the inverter controller. I measured resistance in transformers secondaries onboard and they are similar. I knew the incorrect voltage caps were not a good idea, but I figured it was mostly for the reason that they would burn out very quickly as opposed to not working at all.

Bit3195G datasheet

Well, I’m no expert on electronics. Symptoms upon turning it on were no reaction but the rapidly blinking led as well.

Bright as daylight and stable too.