Pascal. Les provinciales: ou les Lettres écrites par Louis de. Montalte à un provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP. Jésuites. Les provinciales: ou les Lettres. Lettres Provinciales () by Blaise Pascal, translated by Thomas M’Crie · Sister Projects. D’Alembert 1 Tabaraud, Dissertation sur la foi qui est due au Tcmoignage de Pascal dans ses Lettres Provincial es,p 12 This work, published some years ago in.

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The rest of the letters are mainly an attack on Jesuit casuistry. Second, they both employ irony to great effect, following the tradition of Church Fathers such as Tertullian and Augustine.

Les lettres provinciales de Blaise Pascal

Glad to see him come to the point to which I had been drawing him on, I expressed my satisfaction and requested him to explain what was meant by provlnciales probable opinion? Retrieved 16 May — via Gallica. Away with your half-and-half sinners, who retain some sneaking affection for virtue! But, as I said before, this point is of very little moment, as it has no concern with religion. Will you maintain that those who held it as a settled maxim that is not God that bestows virtue, and that no one ever asked it from him,’ would think of asking it for themselves?

He provibciales nothing to me, proviciales but, addressing the monk: Augustine says in one passage that “Jesus Christ points out to us, in the person of St. The example of the saints is not a whit more in your favour.

You might also like. Colin Les Provinciales in French. Thus Lessius observes, that ‘if a man has received a blow on the face, he must on no account have an intention to avenge himself; but he may lawfully have an intention to avert infamy, and may, with that view, repel the insult immediately, even at the point of baise sword- etiam cum gladio!

Are you quite in earnest? Refresh and try again.

Pascal is perhaps most famous for his Wager ‘Pascal’s Wager’which is not as clear in his language as in this summary: The law of God, according to St. Furthermore, they claimed that the Pope held authority only on matters of faith, and not on technical de facto matters. The second half which is, unfortunately, a bit more functional and less engaging is a mix of parry and riposte as Pascal swats away the arguments of his opponents.


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God inspires a desire to pray and solicit his assistance. The point is controversial and important, and I have devoted a good deal of space to it in the Introduction. Arnauld is ill treated in the latter. How few, of them who do read, will understand it! But you have neglected to secure them on the part of the judges; so that, in following your probabilities, they are in danger of coming into contact with the whip and the gallows.

The Jesuits maintain that there is a grace given generally to all men, subject in such a way to free-will that the will renders it efficacious or inefficacious at its pleasure, without any additional aid from God and without wanting anything on his part in order to act effectively; and hence they term this grace sufficient, because it suffices of itself for action. I was thus let into the whole secret of their plot; and, rising to take my leave of them, I remarked: The examples which he adduces clearly show this to be his meaning, for they are exclusively confined to cases in which the persons were ignorant of some of the circumstances; such as that of ‘a person who, wishing to exhibit a machine, discharges a dart which wounds a bystander; and that of Merope, who killed her own son instead of her enemy,’ and such like.

Arnauld- that what is heretical in the Semi-Pelagians becomes orthodox in the writings of the Jesuits; the ancient doctrine of St. But I will now show you this grand method in all its glory, as it applies to the subject of homicide- a crime which it justifies in a thousand instances; in order that, from this startling result, you may form an idea of all that it is calculated to effect. But we were quite mistaken. But yet there are certain cases, the solution of which, though of great importance for gentlemen, might present still greater difficulties.

Now a multitude of masses brings such a revenue of glory to God and of good to souls that I may venture to say, with Father Cellot, that there would not be too many priests, ‘though not only all men and women, were that possible, but even inanimate bodies, and even brute beasts- bruta animalia- were transformed into priests to celebrate mass. Pascal’s main source on Jesuit casuistry was Antonio Escobar ‘s Summula casuum conscientiaeseveral propositions of which would be later condemned by Pope Innocent XI.


Peter, a righteous man provincialles us by his fall to avoid presumption. The poor fellow, on being questioned, confessed to having taken some pewter plates, but maintained that for all that he had not stolen them; pleading in his defence this very doctrine of Father Bauny, which he produced before the judges, along with a pamphlet by one of your fathers, under whom he had studied cases of conscience, provonciales who had taught him the same thing.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Pascal’s interjections to the absurdities he’s hearing are amusing, though they never fail to make his very serious points.

The letters also influenced letyres prose of later French writers like Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It is his interest to make himself known, to vindicate his innocence; whereas it is mine to remain in blaisd dark, for fear of forfeiting my reputation. Let elttres leave them, then, to settle their own differences. Looking for beautiful books? Next come the Jesuits, and they say that all have the effectually sufficient graces. Arnauld, which was reported to be full of the greatest errors, is selected.

But, as it is equally true that there are among them those who hold these licentious doctrines, you are bound also to conclude that the holy Spirit of the Society is not that of Christian severity, for had such been the case, they would not have suffered persons among them holding sentiments so diametrically letttres to that severity.

Provinciapes what ardor did it oppose, from the very commencement, the doctrine of Molina? A single example will illustrate this. To understand the whole affair in a pleasant way, only recollect, I beseech you, the strange impressions which, for a long time past, we have been taught to form of the Jansenists.

Lettres Provinciales – Wikisource, the free online library

It is in this way they have contrived to maintain themselves down to the present day. Have you not provided for such a case as that, father? The Provincial Letters by Blaise Pascal.