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This is the potential that exists in a learner and their connections. As little as five years ago, cohociendo came pre-packaged. As an author, in order to make useful statements such as “Knowledge is now at the disposal of the many,” I leave things unsaid but experts play a key role, and when experts are the focus of the discussion, I will attend to their role.

The nature of the ecology influences the ease, type, and health of networks created. The difference is fairly subtle. Technologies of transformation It conociminto relevant…but not in all situations and for all tasks. So what distinguishes a connectivist perspective from social constructivism? People of different political stripes, for example, are able to dialogue because of the common language and understanding created by centering agents.

If Janet votes a certain way because I told her to, an interaction has taken place and a connection has been established.


We have become the filter, mediator, and the weaver. Aggregation amplifies knowledge and learning. React as the environment adjusts.

Global, complex siemems requires a connected, educated populace Decentralization is effective when things change rapidly, diverse viewpoints are required, and knowledge has not settled into a “knowable, defined” state. Alterations within the network have ripple effects on the whole.

George Siemens, Oslo, noviembre – [PDF Document]

Uma breve historia da aprendizagem em rede. When we rely on outdated knowledge due to classification in advance of all elements being knownwe encounter inaccurate information, wrong judgments, and un-acknowledged changed foundations.

We no longer exclusively read newspapers or watch the evening news. When the capacity to organize is in the hands of others, we are passive consumers.

sjemens It is important to be aware of what we are leaving behind in our choices…and that one view systems thinking is useful in determining interconnection of actions does not lead to universal application systems thinking should be used for everything. It requires less thought and foraging for needed knowledge.

We have become active organizers of individual agents. Insert a link to a new page.

Descentralización del conocimiento

India calls for 27, HE institutionshttp: The least woolly of the distinctions has to be the connectivist notion of knowledge and learning existing outside the individual human brain.


In this model, our primary task was to absorb or consume the structure of information created by a third party.

It geore more critical than what is currently known” Siemens conocmiento When we dialogue, it is in relation to something—to an event, a person, or some situation before us. Much like the music industry had to learn that people siemwns not want to pay for a whole album when all they want is one song, content providers education, museums, and libraries need to see the end user does not want the entire experience—they want only the pieces they want.

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Learning is a process of connecting conocimuento nodes or information sources. A central tenet of social constructivism is the definition of knowledge as the result of consensus. As far as I can see, connectivism resonates with similar principles as social constructivism does, but acknowledges a greater degree of complexity in the nature of knowledge and learning, enabled by advances in technology.

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