Windows on the World: A Novel [Frederic Beigbeder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A daring yet moving evocation of the last moments. Windows on the World debuted at #2 on the French national best-seller list and won the prestigious Prix Interalli prize in Now available in paperback, this. The only way to know what took place in the restaurant on the th Floor of the North Tower, World Trade Center on September 11th is to invent it.’Weav.

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And when a writer is dealing with personal feelings all bets are off on how the work will be accepted by the reader. He’s drawing a lot of it from that.

They are human because they decide to choose how they will die rather than allow themselves to be burned. But more than that, they outgrow the structure of the book, undo it as it were. Frederic Beigbeder’s novel is a minute-by-minute account worls in two voices – of the time between the plane strike on the North Tower and its ultimate collapse.

Minute by minute

If you have been through a similar experience like this or s This book was so eye opening for me. The prize is awarded annually frederi a promising young French author.

The attacks nine years ago have been the subject of many works of both fiction and non-fiction. Apr 16, Florencia Parodi rated it really liked it. What else to write about? Fiction often deals with the personal effects of the attacks. I felt, ridiculously, that the stories were bad because they seemed written, seemed made-up.

Carthew’s account opens with a later acknowledged nod to American Beauty: Windows on the World unflinchingly imagines the moments from 8: One of the reasons for the alternating chapters describing Beigbeder’s own experiences and thoughts, even if they are also reality-based, is to introduce an element of freedom and surprise: He quite often goes off on tangents about other things, which sometimes I felt were unnecessary and taking me out of the story at times.


What bothers us is not American imperialism, but American chauvinism, its cultural isolation, its complete lack of any curiosity about foreign work except in New York and San Francisco. It is not a book about French vs.

He makes me think of Rousseau in the Confessions “total narcissism hidden on a sort of self indulgence, unbearable but so attractive!

Est-ce veigbeder je le relirai? Five minutes after the first plane crashed into our tower, the tragedy was already a hostage to fortune in a media war.

Windows on the World

It came back to me recently that I had read this book at some point in the last — hmmm, I’m going to say years; and it appears I never added or reviewed it here. Dec 18, Fay rated it liked it Winvows Like many, he desperately wants the world to be different, and so he’s prone to grand pronouncements like: What can you say about that?

But I’ve been reading a ton of French philosophy and perspectives on America recently. I just read a bunch of others’ reviews, and am reminded how the book slips back and forth between a modern-day examination of America by a Frenchman, and a fictionalized story of a father and his two sons who are visiting New York and having breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower when the attack happened on Sept.

Out of all these, I appreciate most the author raising the issue of the WTC attack in general. Nor is it about the hubris of New York.

Windows on the World tells the story of a family trapped in the eponymous restaurant on top of the North Tower the first struck, but last to fall of the World Trade Centre on 11th September Sep 07, Ines Prodan rated it liked it.

I am also obliged to concede that in leaning on the first great hyperterrorist attack, my prose takes on a power which it would not otherwise. Other possible names for the World Trade Center restaurant: This book is gave me nightmares. It’s a bfigbeder read, anyway.


Windows on the world: a novel – Frédéric Beigbeder, Frank Wynne – Google Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. His approach – brutal honesty over sentimentality – is best illustrated when the Beigbeder author character does, for once, take a heroic view of those who choose to jump: The words and phrases he uses to describe it beigveder did make me feel like I had a sense of what it would be like to be trapped there.

They could’ve been saved and no one reacted. It’s an uncomfortable read, but totally necessary. Account Options Sign in. Apr 24, Jaga rated it it was ok Shelves: If the only real, interesting issue of the last 10 years is perhaps this horrific event and day.

Upon graduation at the at the age of 24, began work as an adverti Beigbeder was born into a privileged family in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. So much the better: He worked for a few years as a publisher for Flammarion. Return to Book Page. In Paris, he gets worked up about European dislike of Americans; in New York, he adopts a Spanish accent so that no one will take him for a cheese-eating surrender monkey. I recommend it to those not so light-hearted. The scenes atop the World Trade Center aren’t quite as successful.

She found out he was bisexual and that he was dead in the same instant. I once heard a typographer complain that he could never watch period dramas because they always got the fonts wrong.

Windows on the World debuted at 2 on the French national best-seller list and won the prestigious Prix Interalli prize in To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Knee-jerk patriotism made the American press swagger about, censor our suffering, edit out shots of the jumpers, the photographs of those burn victims, the body parts.