Read the latest magazines about Uncharted and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. GUIA DE UNCHARTED: EL TESORO DE DRAKE. Se trata de una recopilación de los tres primeros juegos de la saga Uncharted (el tesoro de Drake, el reino de los ladrones y la traición de. PS3 Guia. No unread posts. 1 5 8 %. Trofeos Sly 1. PS3 Guia. No unread posts .. Trofeos Uncharted: El tesoro de Drake™. PS3 Guia.

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Análisis de Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection para PS4

El reino de los ladrones y Uncharted 3: Ghost Warrior 2 Sniper: Black Ops Call of Duty: But sadly, it does not. Revengeance Metal Gear Solid V: It looks like unxharted replaced some of the older levels with new ones lord knows why. The Evil Within The Assignment. Metal Gear Solid V: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


The Tezoro Saints Row: Never Alone Kasima Ingitchuna Foxtales. Just Chapter 4 Treasures: Life is Strange 2. So can you tell me how many moves it gives for the key bonus? Thanks again for your help!

This guide includes how to get the key for each level as well as all treasures. El tesoro de DrakeUncharted: The Last of Us Left Behind.

Solución de Uncharted: El Tesoro de Drake para PlayStation 3 (ps3)

Tiempo para el Platino: Black Ops 3 Call of Duty: El Tesoro de Drake Remastered Uncharted 2: They added those after the update as far as I know, they might have added more treasure on previous chapter or chapter 3?

Chains of Olympus God of War: Inicio del jugador del juego tiene una baraja de cartas. Arkham Knight Problemas Familiares Batman: El Poder de la Fuerza 2. Official PlayStation Magazine Australia.

El abismo de oroy la serie de videos Uncharted: If you find a new old level, please also give me the max number of moves for the key bonus. Warped Crash Bandicoot 3: Do you know the key bonus for them? God of War III.


God of War This site was designed with the. El Tesoro de Drake. Black Ops 4 Call of Duty: Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way.

The Third Problemas con los Clones. The Dark Spark Tron: Army of Two Pack de mapas Veterano.

El Tesoro de Drake Remastered.