El horrible problema de un perro/ The horrible trouble with Hally Tosis (Spanish Edition) [Dav Pilkey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Category: Humor Hally Tosis was a very good dog, but she had a big problem. Hold your nose! Because here comes the dog with the worst breath in the world!. Category: Humor “Hally Tosis was a very good dog, but she had a big problem.” Hold your nose! Because here comes the dog with the worst breath in the world!.

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Awards Contest for Students. This book is pretty hilarious.

And she has very bad breath. They ownly aksept him when he towis them from robbers? The illustrations are simple and full of bright colors, another thing children love. While this is a one-joke story, many children should find it funny. This book most definitely can be used to teach children about hygiene and how it is very This book is super funny!

It will take your breath away! Feb 21, Amy Olson tozis it really liked it Shelves: The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and remind us a lot of The Adventures of Captain Underpants. They pass out cold on the haally floor, and Hally becomes a heroine. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Description Hally, an exuberant dog whose bad breath problem even keeps skunks away, finds his life further complicated by a visit from Grandma Tosis and his chaos-inducing attempts to say hello.

Sep 19, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: The Tosis family decide to take her somewhere to give her a breathtaking view to take her breath awaybut it doesn’t work. Publisher’s Weekly Review “Shannon juggles dark humor and an anti-peer-pressure message,” said PW toeis this tale of a girl whose affliction causes her to change colors and shapes at others’ commands-until she is cured by admitting the truth she loves lima beans.


Take time to look at the details in the pictures and explain some tosix the puns to kids. The Best Books of As always Dav is on point with his word usage and illustrations.

So in a last attempt to save Hally, the Tosis children tried to help Hally get rid of her horrible breath through various methods including taking her to a movie that would literally take her breath away. Bubba the Tsis Prince Espanol subs. In the end Hally is a hero dog because her breath is so bad it catches burglars.

Dec 21, Laura G rated it really liked it Shelves: Her breath is so bad that the family is halpy getting rid of her but in the end they learn to appreciate her, bad breath and all, and they love her just exactly the way she is, okay so maybe I do like the book after all.

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Dog Breath! The Horrible Trouble With Hally Tosis

S3 Ep 5m 21s checkmark Add to Watchlist. Jun 07, Guen rated it liked it Shelves: In this quirky story, the Tosis family runs into problems with their dog, Hally.

Okay, so it’s not my favorite book but both my hallly son and my 2-year-old daughter love it. Also I love how Hally just looks so happy not knowing that her hwlly is knocking people out. Hally Tosis was a cute little dog who lived with the Tosis family and was extremely friendly towards everyone. We changed the name halky the book to the name of our dog and it was hilarious.


You’ve just tried to add this video to your Watchlist so you can watch it later. Georgia Read More Dog Breath: I loved the way that Dav Pilkey made Hally into such a friendly dog who is unaware of how bad her breath is and she is always shown to be cheerful and blissful, despite the fact that her bad breath causes people to either run fosis from her or be knocked out unconscious.

Dog Breath! the Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis : The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis

And the bright colors…add a marvelous effervescence to the zany goings-on. Special 5m 2s checkmark Add to Watchlist. Dav was so disruptive in class that his teachers made him sit out in the hall every day. Hally Tosis has halitosis, or bad breath, talk about a memorable way to teach your children a complicated word.

A book full of puns, it is sure to make your child laugh hysterically. I recommend this to anyone who wants to add a great book to a kid’s library.

hhally This book is super funny! Thank you for helping us improve PBS Video. Jul 10, Zequoia Hyche rated it really liked it Shelves: Luckily, Dav loved to draw and make up stories, so he spent his time in the hallway creating his own original comic books.