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The standards that Cadence uses when creating the chips. This is often the case with analog op- amps and other such parts. They take precedence over any other character. Cell categories are specified in category. Properties During the course of the design, several properties usually get annotated to each symbol to aid in simulation and packaging. This is also called protective earth.

In the case of a simple gate, the second version usually shows the DeMorgan equivalent of the gate. Input Model entity model is port port1: It is an error if the same physical directory is contained in multiple library specifications. The assertions of the two signals must match and the signals must have the same width. The drawback to using these pins is that they do not get annotated with pin numbers during packaging.


1992_Harris_Product_Selection_Guide 1992 Harris Product Selection Guide

An error is generated if the file cannot be accessed. The name of the directory is user-defined.

Entity of the Input Symbol entity symbol is generic size: This file contains the names of all the pins on the symbol. The location of the 5X library is passed either through the cds.

You are not restricted to these conventions.

_Harris_Product_Selection_Guide Harris Product Selection Guide

Verilog-XL replaces the parts in the netlist with the simulation models as defined by the wrapper. As such you cannot use a comma to express a property value within this part type table. Symbol Naming When creating parts, a vendor or common functional part name should be used wherever possible.

Cadence contained in this document are attributed to Cadence with the appropriate symbol.

74HCT4016 Datasheet PDF

The libraries and components need to be tested before being released to production to ensure that they work properly. January 55 Product Version The report file is created in the current working directory. For example, when you use the name LS00 as the symbol name.


Then, you need to create an array of instances of the actual Verilog model. Cells for which the specified mapview or wrapper view does not exist. This alleviates the possible confusion when matching up logical bus bits with physical pins. Rather than scaling all of the symbols in the library, you can scale the drawing formats down by a proportional amount. The hlibsim utility calls hlibgenxmpl to instantiate the cells of a library on a design sheet, write the design, and create a.

This view is created when a symbol view is saved to the disk. January 40 Product Version Your character choice as a separator eliminates the use of that character in expressing a property value.

Packager-XL ignores blank lines and comment lines, but these lines make the file more easy to read. Verify that the text size of the placeholder is consistent with the design standard.