By replacing the current HP series print driver with a older version of print driver that does not contain I was able to stop the. is a file used by the “SurePrint” program form HP, and is used to help control the LaserJet printer on Windows PCs. Despite being a highly. Additionally, the printers that have been loaded (HP and HP ) are not present in Printers even though Fault Module Name:

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If you installed the driver for your printer from the CD ROM that it was bundled with, you can avoid this step completely… however, if you just let Windows install zsr.dl, printer driver, or downloaded a driver from the HP website — you need to be sure you have the correct piece of software for your PC.

I have confirmed that the problem is related to using Adobe Reader to print out scanned documents. Thursday, July 23, 7: We learned early on that you could avoid it by printing to a network printer but some locations are remote and don’t have access to a shared printer. I had tried many different things – this did!! It worked perfectly, and now several reboots later, I still have no problems.

How to Fix HP Laserjet cannot Print | CK Computer Solutions

I’m going to print off this string and keep it for future reference. I have a relatively new Gateway computer with Windows 7 and Adobe Reader 9, and an older but until now very trusty and reliable HP Laserjet printer not a but it looks very similar.


But it acts as though the is not a printer. Clear all the print queues. Message 14 of I had 3 different newer printers go down and none would function – even when installed alone with the latest and greatest drivers – once Reader was installed. HP was zero help. I frequently zsrr.dll use of my printer and an error message zer.dll up saying the print spooler subsystem caused a problem and must shut down.

I guess I’m sticking with Foxit. It worked perfectly, fixed zsrd.ll problem said it was the print spool problem and quickly reset everythng.

This will stop the computer running the process that holds your print queues. Thanks so much for the information, I’ve been looking for a hp10020 to the problem for hours.

SPL should be backed up before you delete them to be safe. I’ve got a system that’s only a couple of months old, too. It looks like HP has finally stepped up to the plate with an effective solution to this infuriating problem.

I uninstalled adobe and installed Foxit Reader. In case it’s of any help:. In fact, I can have the two documents side-by-side on the desktop, print the inbound one guaranteed spooler noticegp1020 then print the “re-rendered” one that I created myself using Acrobat 9. This content has been marked as final. Reconnect the USB connection. Message 20 of In case it’s of any help: To work around this issue quickly, you can check the option to Print as image from the Adobe print options dialog box.


I searched the registry for “print as image” and “printasimage”, I came up empty. Download and install FinePrint from here. I guess I should try that next.

I have found the solution after spending hours trying to address the issue of my printer not working after trying to print a pdf. Learn how your comment data is processed.

ZSR.dll Error Fix – Print Spooler Error Fix Tutorial

Printing with Adobe Reader leaves them in the folder. Uninstall your printer software. Check the Mr Fixits here and if you have to use the other methods go back and try them again afterwards. Notify me of new posts via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Resources for IT Professionals.

| Helpdesk 4 You

The error is specifically caused by the way in which your computer will not be able to correctly open the ZSR. Register now while it’s still free! And I’m not sure zsr.dl it’s already posted sorry I didn’t read the whole 3 years worth of posts – Really?!?! Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

However, I got to wondering – how does a “stand alone” scanner or copier update its own PDF-making software, if it is not connected to the Internet? This works for me consistently:. Let me know via comment or the contact tab at the top if this doesn’t solve your problem.