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F talks about something pilots try to do to ensure passengers comfort? What is thespeakers opinion about social media? Ukate vodpovdch dostaten irokou slovn zsobu. PouzIti too ve vznamu “tak” je mn bzn. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

The car broke down on a deserted road in Iran, and I had to give a local truck driver enough money for him to pull us to the next town. The world was different then; you could get into a car in London and drive across Iran and Afghanistan. It cannot be found at the gravesite, or in the museum display commemorating the dogs life. B He contacted avet from thenearest animal centre. A ccreer cnd c l]ecll her own. Despite the size of the continent, most people live in cities along the coast.


The White Cliffs are also a symbol of the nations strength. The devl tcke t cll!

Sledujte namapce trasu, kterou jste popsali. Zkuste tak odhadovat vznam vraz ztextu.

Vyuijte as napottku efektivn. Vyuijte bezezbytku as na pottku. I love the sensation when you walk off the beach into the water and theres no change of temperature, theres just wet around you instead of air. It seems that as the ancient human population increased, pandas were pushed into higher altitudes. Jak pozdat, aby nkdo vyrdII nasI omIuvu!

Kadou nahrvku uslyte dvakrt, ale as mezi nahrvkami je jen tak dlouh, kolik je nezbytn pro krtk promylen odpovdi ajej zapsn. Despite the amount of space, most of the 34 million people live close to the US border where the climate is milder. Pro vyeen loh nepoebujete znt vznam vech vraz vtextu. Australia is a constitutional monarchy the British monarch is the official head of state. HelpVyuvejte zkladn strategie ten aeen loh nejprve si pette instrukce pozornabyste zjistili, oem text bude aco mte dlat.

Napklad ualternativy Aby pilot mluvil onem, co zpsobuje havrii letadla podtrhnte si votzce tedy slova cause acrash.

King Stephen To

D So, Idont think so. Pokud jste sprvnou odpov nezachytili, mon mete ssi vylouit alespo nkterou zalternativ. JednlI se o projev takovho ocenni, volime jIn prostredky. Estuarine saltwater crocodiles live in the river so do not swim there! B because norio Suzuki managed to track him down. OSensei was a man of peace who followed his spiritual and ja, vision. Theres alunch at therestaurant but if Iwere you, Id rather take apacked lunch and enjoy the40 minutes lunch pause in thesun and then have more xi for waterskiing.


The Jurassic coastMuch further along the south coast is another historical coastline, but it is famous for a different reason than the cliffs of Dover. The majority of the island, 26 counties or administrative districtsare known as the Republic of Ireland and the population is 4.

King Stephen To

The other two were killedin shootouts with locals, one in and the other in Nebo ho m povsit mezi ostatn kle? People living there were incredibly friendly and curious s;rvn opened their homes to me.

Sloveso to cwcrd znamen udlIt cenu, medaIlI atd.

Nezapomete si podtrhvat klov informace adlat znaky, nap. The major political parties are the Conservative Party right wing and the Labour Party left wing. For questions 15, choose thecorrect picture: Spolu snm dostanou odbratel 11avce kus asopisu ilustrovanou mapu esk republiky, kterou lze rovn vyut pi pprav na jsk. Access to most tracks is jal from May to October during thedry season. The largest aquarium in the world offers you the chance to see sea life from the Arctic to the worlds vanishing reefs.

People pay at thecheck out once they have selected everything.