Thirty thousand years in the making and 31 years in the writing, Auel’s overlong and underplotted sixth and final volume in the Earth’s Children. Sometimes it feels as though entire hominid species have evolved in less time than it takes to read “The Land of Painted Caves,” the sixth and. 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In The Land of Painted Caves, Jean M. Auel brings her ice-age epic series, Earth’s Children®, to an extraordinary.

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We also get to experience the wonderful art and culture created by our ancestors through Ayla’s eyes, all backed up by archaeological evidence.

H e reached for her hungrily, kissing her mouth and her neck and then her body with starved ardour. Ayla unveils the Big Secret that readers have known about since Book 1. Excuse me, I have some paint I need to watch dry Ayla trains to be a Zelandani.

There really is no plot to this book. However, the priestess also says that “fa-ther” comes from combining the words “far mother” together.

This book didn’t have any of that. And, there was absolutely no resolution to the whole epic story. Jun 15, Lisa rated it it was ok.


Same thing again when Danug and Druwez arrive from the Mamutoi, we learn that they are going to be staying with the Zelandonii for the winter and that they want to make a special trip to see the Great Waters of the West. Is panited too maudlin? I expected more from Ayla. View all 10 comments. In many of the Sacred caves the Ancients, the people before the Zelandonii, left drawings.

The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel | : Books

Auel By Jean M. That happens to every writer me included. It had a good “vibe” TOO much about the caves and the Mother Song. Along the way, she accidentally discovers evidence that one of her fellow Zelandoni apprentices has been cheating on his OWLs.

The Land of Painted Caves

However, most of her Cave leaves for the Summer Meeting, but Ayla og behind until Midsummer so she can finish her observation of the celestial bodies. I’ve tried to come up with a good summary without giving away too much.

The setting was rich and detailed. But all the time Ayla has spent in training rituals has jeaj Jondalar to drift away from her. It might be one, if I’m generous, I might bump it up to two.

But really, there’s nothing to spoil. Audl kissed her again, slowly, felt the inside of her mouth with his tongue, then her neck, and reached for her breast with his hand then took the nipple into his mouth. She was born with heightened acuity in all her senses. There is no cohesion in the book; it is separated into three parts that have very little to bind them into one work.


Zelandoni can read people’s lanc becaus I don’t usually write reviews, and I don’t usually bother to star things that I hate, but this was god-awful. Then there’s the repetition.

Sandra Burr, the narrator did a fabulous job with the whole series. There are kean so many descriptions of painted caves that one can read before skimming over the rest.

I want to know more of their adventures. Maybe they will learn to hate Ayla now or at least re-imagine that what she brought to the world wreaked havoc. Jondalar is no Eddie Dean. Finally, I decided to share a bit of a publishers summary: There was nothing new