Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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The transitions between even widely disparate topics are flawless and build a coherent picture of the complexity of even the simplest organisms. Behe’s bizarre views on biology and evolution have been thoroughly discredited elsewhere. But I promise that wasn’t because it was bad. Two or more people reading at the same time.

Norton Company first published January 1st Readers wanting quantuj learn about science and how scientists think would be well advised to bear in mind that this work reflects the author’s extremely idiosyncratic views on biology and that a mainstream consensus isn’t presented. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: I could only find one professional review; that of Wallace Arthur in the journal Heredity which can be found evolutin.

Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life

While most cell-to-cell communication uses action potentials and neurotransmitters, the overall EM field generated by neighboring cells probably has some effect on the brain.


Well, this experiments haven’t worked. Michelle Lilith rated it it was amazing Aug 08, What we do know, is that life finds a way. In short, this appears to be classic “quantum woo”. This is completely against the grain of modern neuroscience — pretty much everyone thinks that consciousness and johnkoe other information-processing your brain does is done by the eovlution potentials, by the individual neurons sending messages to each other. To me, he still didn’t nail the question as I can’t see quantum physics applied to the literal world sure, there might be multiverses and parallel universes and everything else possibly out there, but we can only perceive of this world – so all that is theoryand since we are organic beings and the organic processes had an origin on earth, applying a purely theoretical solution to a non-theoretical question well What does that mean?

Then there is a trauma – a scarcity of a needed resources which forces the organism to adapt. The hairiest heresy of evolutionary biology, the one most likely to get scientists figuratively burned at the stake, is the notion that any force more selective than blind chance could drive mutation.

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden

Posted by timeadmin at 7: That kick also happens to be from quantum mechanics. Besides, what could the EM fields do independently of the action potentials? We know that something is or it isn’t and that variations happen for a reason.

In a nutshell, the original molecule uses quantum mechanical superposition to try on a gigantic number of possible designs, one of which will happen to be self-replicating. Timeblimp on Twitter Follow Timeblimp on Twitter.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Return to Book Page. Evan rated it really liked it Jun 07, Operating at two levels, this title may be a hard sell.

I feel like by reading it I took an entire course in microbiology, an entire course in quantum mechanics minus the math and maybe a partial course or online course in thermodynamics. Later I lost the thread and got confused. Now I’m not entirely sure I buy his conclusions at the end. There is either an inherent genetic potential to do so live or not die which is what we call natural selection.

If you love science, just read it.

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden » TimeBlimp

I think this theory needs to be given all due consideration by the scientific community. Emilio J Garcia rated it it was amazing Apr 07, There was a lot of talk of electrons hanging out in the bottom of quantum wells, or of qauntum atoms hanging out in otherwise empty space, or other very simple, idealized situations. Paul Vittay rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha.

There is some support that it is cyclical, but in the evo,ution it still Darwinian in that you must be able to adapt, thrive, and reproduce.